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Alvaro Peregil's Tavern

Alvaro Peregil's Tavern has been the last business to open its doors to the public at the beginning of December in 2008.
This place was created with one aim: to give our customers a better service.
With bigger dimensions than La Goleta, its customers can have a sit cosily. The tavern is adapted for disables people and has a well-elaborated cuisine without forgetting the traditional one.
Cod with tomato, spinach with chickpeas, shrimps omelette, scrambled eggs, tasty and naturally grown artichokes soaked with olive oil and fried bits of cured ham, among other dishes, are some examples of our extensive menu.
It is important to highlight the point that in this tavern, as well as in the others, meals can be served either as a tapa (small portion) or a racion (bigger portion). Thisis interesting, because in Seville, and more precisely, in the Barrio Santa Cruz, the typical tapa from this city tendes to disappear. Trying to preserve the traditional roots of Seville, the whole tavern is decorated with a 6-feet-tall skirting board made of typical hand-painted tiles by the artist-potter Mr. Manuel Ruíz Gíl, which has turned it as a unique place to produce several TV programs.
It is open everyday from 13:00 to 17:00 and from 20:00 to 00:30. During the weekend we offer a non-stop service.
Last but not least, remind that there are two entry doors: one at 22 Mateos Gago and other facing the heart of the Barrio Santa Cruz, at 7 Pasaje de Vila.

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