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Tavern La Goleta

This tavern called La Goleta is known by the name of the lands that own Álvarito Peregil. It was opened initially as the wine store of Condado de Huelva by Álvaro's great-grandfather in 1904.
Álvaro is the son of the flamenco singer Pepe Peregil. This tavern has a great affluence of people, and it is easy to find either natives and foreigners, which is something not very usual in this kind of business. As Álvaro says; ... La Goleta is a piece of Seville in Barrio Santa Cruz.
Despite its small dimensions, the tavern is very appealing by the way it is conserved since its origins, especially its mahogany bar.
The most popular drink here, besides the beer served in quintos (20 cl bottles), is the authentic orange wine brought from Moguer (a little town from Huelva). It was this tavern the pioneer to sell this product more than forty years ago, which was introduced by Álvaro's uncle, Juan García Avilés, who was the owner of the tavern for 60 years. The orange wine is being comercialized in other wineries and sold in other taverns, but quoting what Álvaro Peregil says; ... other orange wines are sold in other taverns, and maybe they are better, but they are not the original.
Another legacy of Juan García Avilés that customers love is the chickpea stew and the snails. We have a tapa (small portion) that has become very popular over last few years calles "Islote Peregil" of own inspiration, made of pork meat and minced veal, treated with garlic, onion and parsley, with a base of potato pudding and covered with a tomato sauce and a Spanish flag decorating it. This tapa is only serve in winter.
During the summer people use to order dressed tomatoes and dressed potatoes. The tavern is a bit tiny, so customers tend to stay outside sharing high raised tables. This is the reason why our list of tapas are mostly based on montaditos (little sandwiches), being the montadito of pringá one of the best.
Maintaining our pioneer attitude we offer now a new product, strawberry wine, which we hope will still be sold in forty years and will be served in more taverns, as it happens today with the orange wine, so customers can tell they were the first ones to taste the original strawberry wine at Álvaro Peregi's Tavern.
With the aim of offering a better service to our customers the tavern is open everyday from 12:00 to 00:30 at night.

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